Protect yourself & GoGreen!

With Identity Theft becoming the number one crime in the United States we as consumers MUST do everything we can to protect ourselves from these thieves. The HomeShred staff is a personable and friendly shredding service helping make the task of securely destroying and recycling all of your personal documents simple and stress free.

Our Eco-Shred bags are made from sustainably sourced paper, immediately after shredding all paper is baled and sent to paper mills for final recycling. We recycle 100% of all shredded paper. Knowing nothing is going to landfills and lessoning your carbon footprint allows you the chance to participate in the Going GREEN movement!

The service technicians are employees of document shredding companies that believe in security and protection of their customer’s proprietary information. Each employee has had a thorough 7- year Police background check performed and is randomly drug tested.
Secure document and paper shredding service for your Home or Office

Who doesn’t have old bank statements, credit card statements, bills, insurance statements, brokerage account statements or any other document you deem sensitive in nature stored somewhere that needs to be destroyed properly and even recycled? Maybe it’s a spring clean out or even losing a family member that kept everything for years and never wanted it destroyed. We aren’t here to hinder you from making the decision we’re here to help. Never has there been a time more important than now too keep your personal and business information safe and falling into the wrong hands.

Have complete faith in Homeshred and our Certified partners to shred and destroy your confidential information in a professional, secure environmentally friendly manner.

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