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As all us have become aware of how important it is to protect your clients information along with your own confidential information. Company’s today engage shredding services to arrive on-site and destroy their documents. In a great deal of situations, Certified shredding services are allowed to remove the documents from their place of business and destroy them at their own facilities under recorded conditions.

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Each one of Homeshred’s shredding contractors is certified to destroy your documents. Each one of their employees is background checked as far back as seven years and drug tested on a random basis. Each employee signs a company confidentiality agreement describing in detail what is expected of their employment and what the policies and procedures are for their daily duties.

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Never has there been a more important time to protect the integrity of your own company documents or your clients. Secure document destruction by a certified document shredding company will ensure your documents are treated in the most sensitive in nature and is completely destroyed and recycled.

Office Shredding St Louis

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